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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with over 10 years of practice


Welcome! My name is Ana (pronouns she/her) and I am an experienced registered dietitian based in Chicago, Illinois. With ten years of practice, I specialize in treating eating disorders, providing medical nutrition therapy for chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart disease, addressing food aversions and selective eating, and supporting clients in their journey towards healing their relationships with food and their bodies.

My career began at an eating disorder treatment center, where I helped individuals struggling with eating disorders, mental health concerns, and addiction. From there, I transitioned to an outpatient nutrition practice, where I expanded my expertise in treating a variety of health conditions, including chronic illnesses and gut health. In this role, I also provided clinical supervision to more than 30 dietitians, allowing me to contribute to their professional development and growth.

I founded Be Well Nutrition Counseling with the belief that everyone deserves to thrive and find their path to being well. My goal is to support my clients in achieving their health goals, whether it involves changing their eating habits, improving health markers, letting go of unhelpful beliefs about food and bodies, or finding a way of eating and moving that feels right for them.

Ana Pruteanu smiling and looking to the side
Ana Pruteanu smiling and looking to the side

My approach to...

Client Care

I work collaboratively with my clients to create a supportive and non-judgmental environment that encourages lasting change. My approach is rooted in the latest research and designed to help clients find what works uniquely for them. Navigating the complexities of nutrition science can be challenging, which is why I am here to do the research for you and provide you with tools that actually work. Together we'll identify beliefs and actions that are not supporting your wellbeing and values.


Food is so much more than specific nutrients and fuel. Food is pleasure, connection, traditions, comfort, celebrations. Food is part of our identity and a way to express ourselves. I do not believe that any particular food is inherently "good" or "bad", and instead encourage clients to approach food with curiosity and openness. I empower my clients to enjoy food without feeling restricted or deprived.


My approach to nutrition and health is weight-neutral, meaning instead of focusing on weight or the BMI as indicators of health, I prioritize other markers such as lab values, lifestyle habits, and symptoms you may be experiencing. I focus on identifying behaviors that have been proven to enhance health and well-being. In our sessions, we will look at nutrition, movement, sleep habits, managing stress, hydration, caffeine intake and supplements. My goal is to help you develop sustainable habits that support your long-term well-being and overall quality of life.

Weight Loss

I am respectful of clients' desire to lose weight and I approach weight-related conversations with a sense of curiosity. My primary aim is to understand why you want to lose weight and what you hope to improve. My approach to nutrition and health is weight-neutral, meaning instead of focusing on weight or the BMI as indicators of health, I prioritize health markers such as lab values, lifestyle habits, and symptoms you may be experiencing. I believe that people can lead a fulfilling life and take care of their health at any size. I prioritize nutrition interventions and advice that are sustainable and can be followed long term without feeling restricted. Please note, I do not provide weight loss plans. Instead, I partner with clients to explore ways to enhance wellbeing, improve health markers, and cultivate a positive relationship with food, aiming to minimize stress associated with eating. Together, we can work towards achieving your health and wellness goals in a balanced and sustainable manner.

Eating Disorders

My approach to eating disorder care is centered around empowering clients to develop a healthy relationship with food and their bodies. I prioritize a partnership-based approach, working collaboratively with clients to identify their unique needs and goals, and to develop a personalized plan for recovery.

Central to my approach is empathy, I prioritize understanding my clients' experiences and feelings, without judgment. I recognize that eating disorders are complex and multifaceted, and that every individual's experience is unique. I take a holistic approach that considers physical, emotional, and social factors in our clients' lives, recognizing that each of these areas can impact their relationship with food and their bodies.

I individualize my care to each client's needs. Our work might involve creating a meal plan that prioritizes regular eating patterns or we may be working on attuning to hunger and fullness cues and embracing intuitive eating. We will also work to develop strategies for coping with emotional triggers for disordered eating, and to cultivate a more positive body image.

ARFID & Food Aversions

I will start by examining what makes food and eating difficult for you and assessing if any nutrient deficiencies may be impacting your health or wellbeing. Together we will develop a plan that ensures your body gets all the nutrients it needs to function optimally, focusing on the foods you're comfortable with. Then we will explore new foods and start food and cooking exposures if desired and appropriate, at a pace you're comfortable with. We'll create a regular schedule of eating that works for you, make grocery shopping and food preparation easier and more streamlined, and focus on any other practical aspects of eating that would be helpful. We'll work together to identify which foods you would like to be able to eat and design a series of exposures that build upon each other to become more familiar and comfortable with each food. My goal is to help you achieve a healthier relationship with food and eating that makes you feel comfortable and confident.

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mix of veggies and chickpeas in a dark bowl
mix of veggies and chickpeas in a dark bowl